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Sheared Vest with Leather Back Reversible to Taffeta

Sheared Vest with Leather Back Reversible to Taffeta

Another version of our most popular restyling option - Vest with Leather Back. 

In this version, we have created the style into a reversible version to water repellant taffeta. 

A fur remodeling design that has been celebrated and sought after due to the soft leather base that highlights the details of any fur and light weight for an easy wear. 
Sheared vest is an upgraded version of our traditional fur vest with leather back. Shearing fur transforms the look of an older fur to more updated look and lightens the weight. 
  • Style: RYF717SHRV

Fur: Item can be made out of mink and long hair beaver only. Other types of furs cannot be sheared.  It can also be made as non-sheared version. 

Length: Item can be made any length

Collar Options: Stand Up, Shawl, or Wing Collar

Closure: Hook & Eye or Zipper

Fur Design: Vertical or Chevron


All orders are custom made to customers measurements and specifications. 

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