When choosing a company to restyle your fur, there are many options; some good, some not so good, and in some cases, there are some that are just plain horrific.At Restyle Your Fur we want to share with you the intricate and comprehensive process we use with each and every piece; because all furriers are not created equal.


The tools that are used to alter fur are vital in our industry. There are some companies that use scissors. Scissors are good for many things, but must not ever be used on your fur coat. We have specialized cutting instruments designed specifically for cutting fur. These instruments allow us to create precision cuts to insure that we are exact in the dimensions for your priceless piece. It may not seem to be important, but ask any seasoned professional furrier and you will get an astounding YES! There are no second chances once you make the cut, and we know this. This is precisely why we acquire only the finest tools and machinery intended solely for fur restoration and fur restyling. Most people are unaware of this and unfortunately trust their fur to a substandard process or company. They are left with shoddy work, and this sincerely breaks our heart. They come to us desperate to see how we can fix the mess, and end up spending more money and time as well as being frustrated in the process. Your fur is your investment, and we treat it like it’s our own heirloom piece.


The history, experience and knowledge of claiming the title: FURRIER We are four generations of furriers. Our furriers have been trained and tested before they even touch a garment. We choose only the finest detail-oriented talent to work on fur restyling. They must have passion for what they do, and extensive amount of professional knowledge, as well as hands on practical knowledge. There is such a thing as furrier classes, and our team is advanced in staying current with this education. It takes time, training and discipline to become one of the elite in fur restyling and fur restoration.

That’s Why We Employ And Train Only The Best.

We understand your fur is an investment, and also an heirloom; which means it is not only a visual piece, but it also has memories that accompany it. That is precisely why people who expect quality, detail, as well as creative design work seek after our family-owned fur restoration business. To further understand the time and detail we take in creating your restyled garment, we would like to share with you the process.


Upon receiving your fur, we evaluate the entire piece. Once the garment is processed, tagged and inspected, we tack it to the restyling surface, with pin-sized points to insure it is placed in proper position.

We refer to the planogram for the chosen restyling selection that you have made, and with a two- point check accuracy create a cutting point template. This we utilize the fur knife, also called a trappers knife, which is designed specifically for cutting furs, hides, leather, and skins. It uses a specialized razor blade, which is inserted into the ergonomic knife. The knife is incredibly sharp therefore can cut though with no pulling or tugging. Think of a knife slicing into butter – it’s just that smooth. We cut solely from the hide side of the fur, and replace the blade when required.

We also utilize the sewing technology manufactured and crafted solely for use on the texture and the density of furs and sheepskin. The smooth continuous motor mechanism allows for fluid stitching and precise stitch length adjustments. The motor and parts are serviced and oil-lubed on schedule so that guiding the fur is an uninterrupted, steady movement for accurate stitching detail. Our furriers use a loop tool to visually guide the feed to insure precision points between your fur and the machine. Their trained eye detects the thickness and unique textures of the fur and therefore can adjust when needed.

Once the furrier has completed this process, it is sent to our finishing area, where the lining is pinned off and applied. Our seamstresses are seasoned in the art of fabric. They fully understand the complexities and properties of each type of fabric as well as the way in which it interacts and falls with the fur. The process of your fur restyling; whether it be a fur vest, fur cape, bolero or fur teddy bear is overseen by us, each step of the way, to insure your fur restyling is exactly as we presented and you envisioned.

We take pride in everything we do.

The final step is to ship your restyled piece directly to you, from our offices in Winter Park, Florida. We would be honored if you entrusted us with your detailed restyling. You can see our design options and testimonials at Whomever you are considering, please be sure to ask questions about their process as well as the tools they utilize, prior to making your decision. Your fur coat is priceless; we want to be sure you always get craftsmanship you deserve.

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